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Revenue Service and Association Of Oil Product Importers and Distributors and Union of Oil Product Importers  signed a  Memorandum



December 17, 2015 year, in "Rooms Tbilisi", Revenue Service, Association Of Oil product  Importers and Distributors (NIA) and the Union of oil product importers, signed a memorandum of cooperation to improve the quality control of petroleum products. The memorandum, which the EU standards in the field of oil, the government and private sector efforts to unite, to promote the country's fiscal stability, as well as to protect the interests of consumers and improve the ecological environment. Chairman of the board Association Of Oil product  Importers and Distributors  George Kotrikadze event in his speech said that the important thing partially attitude, which for many years the oil sector and the Ministry of Finance, is also worth noting that all the rational proposal, which the Association has been put forward, the Revenue Service is fully shared, the memorandum of light proof of how business and government can work together on issues of interest to them. Revenues from the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Deputy Minister of Finance, Revenue Service, George Tabuashvili, Oil product  Importers and Distributors Association’s  Chairman of the Board George Kotrikadze, chairman of the Union of Oil Products Importers Vano Mtvralashvili signed.






Association  of Oil Product Importers "NIA" and

Oil Exporters Union Joint Statement  Announcement

Competition Agency by the President on July 14 issued N81 order, according to which competition law alleged violation of a significant amount of fine oil market players, our member companies - "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" ("SOCAR"), "Sun Petroleum Georgia", "Rompetrol Georgia", "Wissol Petroleum Georgia", "Lukoil Georgia", in particular those imposed fines totaling 55 million GEL.

The decision strongly disagree and believe that listed companies have always acted within the law
It should be noted that the entire period of investigation atsvdnidnen Companies Agency, comprehensive information, but unfortunately, as it turned out, neither working nor in the final meetings of the companies' arguments were not taken into account.

At the same time, the fact is that the oil futures market, which is being created in the last ten years has always been competitive and this has led to a remarkable development of the sector in the country and create a modern European-style biznesindustriis.

The above companies, the state budget is one of the main contributors, investors and large employers. They
2012-2013-2014 years cumulatively amounted to:
Contributions to the state budget - 1 590 213 611 GEL
Investments - 440 250 141 GEL
The number of employees - 12018.

Imposed high fines, influence not only the company's financial position, but also the international image, which, in turn, have an impact on the investment environment and significantly worsen the country's business climate.
In this situation one way out of the economic agents to proceed to consider the dispute in court. We hope that the court will make an objective decision.

Tbilisi; 23/07/2015



GULF – New Member of Association NIA


The Board Meeting, which was held at the office of Association NIA on November 1st, 2011 was attended by General Director of Wissol Petroleum Georgia, Vasil Khorava, Deputy General Director of Lukoil Georgia, Shavleg Mishveladze,  representative of Rompetrol Georgia, Tengiz Chichinadze, Deputy General Director of Socar Energy Georgia, Ravshan Mamedov, also, invited guests – Vice President of Sun Petroleum Georgia (Gulf Oil International Official distributor in Georgia) Otar Qatamadze and Head of Corporate Sales Division, Levan Akhvlediani.  


Board meeting was opened of Mr. George Kotrikadze, who explained to audience that ”Eco Georgia” withdrew its membership from Association ”NIA”. The Board Members agreed on the decision of Eco Georgia.


 The main issue discussed on the Board Meeting was joining of ”Sun Petroleum Georgia” in Association NIA. The Vice-President of ”Sun Petroleum Georgia”, Mr. Otar Qatamadze shortly reviewed company’s plural activities, as well as company’s future plans. He also, expressed a great desire to join the Association. 


According the above-mentioned issue, Board Memebrs - Mr. Ravshan Mamedov and Mr. Tengiz Chichinadze stated, that joining of ”SUN petroleum Georgia” to the Association ”NIA” will considerably enhance the Oil sector as well as the plural  activities of the Association itself.


 Board Members unanimously agreed about joining a new member – “Sun Petroleum Georgia” in Association “NIA.”

 Also, other actual issues were, discussed on the Board meeting. Head of Board of Association “NIA” thanked everyone for participating in Board Meeting.













Members of Lukoil Georgia visited Tbilisi Infant House Orphanage.

The company's employees supported them with infant food and sweets.

There are totally 45 0 to 6-year-old children in the orphanage.

Lukoil Georgia will continue to support  poor and homeless children.

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 NYMEX   Sweet Crude Oil         24/03 USD 107.83 +1.55
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